New to wordpress!!!!

I had usually blogged using google blogger but with change to windows 10 I was not able to post photos there any longer so decided it was time to change to a new world of WordPress. Think I’m going to like it.

First a little about myself:

I’m retired teacher enjoying the good life on a small 6 acre mini farm in the Ouachita National forest and mountain area. Since hubby and I are both retired now, we enjoy gardening and our various crafts. He works with wood and has made some terrific furniture since his retirement. I will do about anything by hand. I did have my own ceramic shop but as I’ve aged, I’ve realized I can’t do that heavy stuff anymore so now I mainly love hand stitching and the last 15 years I’ve been doing traditional rug hooking. The first pictures I want to share are those of the new bed hubby just made for us and the new quilt I hand pieced using an English paper pieced method. I do have my quilts long-arm quilted at local shop. IMG_2090

This is the quilt. I have 2 more similar at the quilters. One is sashed in white and other in yellow.


This is the bed we just set up today. It is made from cedar we cut and took to local saw mill. We dried it in the rafters of our big shop and then hubby did his magic. We left it raw without varnish so we could enjoy the smell of fresh cedar. He is making me another chest of drawers and this will complete the furniture in our bedroom he has made. The only piece we will have in our bedroom that is not handmade by him will be my grandmother’s old cedar chest.



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