Brighter days

Well we made it through a week of glorious sunshine and now onto more rain. But it was nice to get into the garden and do work around in the yard.

The garden grew some with the heat but the cool cool mornings slowed it down a lot. We had temps as low as 43 for a few mornings but now back into the 60’s. The iris are almost spent and I’ve dead-headed blooms and removed stalks and next week plan to start weeding them again. I’m going to get some mulch to spread over to keep the weeds down. We also cut back the ivy out of the old washers. They grew down covering them so you didn’t know what they were. And then because of the way ivy clings it pulled paint from them so we have once again repainted them red. I’m only showing one here.


The clematis have begun blooming and are just gorgeous.

The garden is coming along and has grown more since I took this photo. We are still eating lettuce and green onions but the asparagus is over. The green peas are blooming so won’t be long before we have them to eat.


On Mother’s Day, 2 of the sons called to wish me Happy Mom’s day. Hubby took me out to eat at local Mexican café after church. While we were in town, one of the daughter-in-laws and her 3 girls snuck out and left me a surprise.


The card is HUGE and the plant gorgeous. Of course Sonny has the green thumb so he will be taking care of it for me.


Alittle side note on the new diet. I’m on the downside and of course eating corn chips and a wheat tortilla on Sunday while eating out did not help. I gained almost 2 lbs just that day. My stomach also bloated so think gluten maybe the cause of some of my weight gain. I am looking at gluten free recipes now. I have arrowroot powder and coconut flour but will buy some almond flour soon and see what I can concoct. I have tried the coconut flatbread and coconut-sweetpotato crackers and I’m not too fond of the taste of either. Since I plan to eliminate red meats from my diet except occasionally…I decided to make a bean burger. I looked up recipes and found one for black beans. I think my mistake was putting everything into blender at one time. Next time I will chop them separately. They were a little mushy but tasty. Here is basically what I did.

I used some black beans we had frozen from our garden last year and I boiled them until tender. I then drained them well and put into my food processor with red roasted peppers and onion and added cumin, chili pepper blend and cayenne pepper, 1 egg and sea salt and gave it all a whirl. Then since it was kind of mushy, I sprayed some foil with Pam and put a big scoop in the center and kind of gathered the foil up around to form a patty but left the foil open at the top. Hubby put them on the grill along with his pork chops. They did have the look of a hamburger but they would not hold up on a bun. But we ate them like that and really they tasted pretty good. Today for lunch I’m making arrowroot crepes and then fill with smoked turkey from the deli along with some steamed veggies.

Breakfast has been the hardest for me. I never was much of a cereal eater but love my toast, jam, egg and sausage or ham. Since I’m off red meats, I’m trying to substitute the smoked turkey and mainly eating 2 scrambled eggs with green veggies and the turkey. But I miss my bread!!! I’m going to have to figure out how I can get my bread fix without gluten. I will keep experimenting.


And as always…..



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