Apartment Remodel


Man we have been so busy this past week that I have not taken time to get online to post anything. We are in the middle of remodeling the apartment attached to our big shop. This will be my “she-shed” instead of building an entire new one. This one will allow me to have a kitchen and bath with a shower if we need and then also an extra bed for when company calls. We do plan to build the bed where it folds up to the wall like a murphy bed. I usually tell hubby what I want and then he builds it.

Anyway the walls and ceilings are now painted. This is before shot.

It was originally to be a workshop area for my ceramics so it was originally feather painted pink. Then the youngest son needed a place to live so we painted it dark green and added red carpet along wtih a wallpaper border at the top. We used whatever sheetrock walling we had on hand and was hurriedly put together. We bought the apartment size stove and refrigerator at that time. Well over the years the sunlight from the sliding glass door faded the red carpet so the place was awful looking.

I am taking photos as we redo it. Here are the walls after painting.

Since these photos were taken, we have put up cornish boards at the top and the striping along the ceiling and installed 3 new ceiling lights.

Our plans are to build doors in the bottom of the countertop in the kitchen area and also install the sink in the bathroom at an angle to a corner and build in a cabinet for it as well.

I will have more photos coming. Today Sonny is painting the baseboards and we will go Monday and pick up the flooring to install. Sundays are our days off to rest and to go to church so nothing more will be done until Monday.


We have had such strange spring weather. Much cooler and cloudy and rainy alot. I hate to complain but we really need some warmer weather for the garden to grow. The asparagus is done as is the lettuce. We have eaten a few pea pods in stir fry lately but will let the peapods now make peas. We replanted butter beans twice and must have been bad seed so we got dried beans from the grocers and planted them and everyone we planted came up. The potatoes are blooming and won’t be long for eating new potatoes.

Just views from the top of our hill down towards the garden.

And as always………………







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