It’s been awhile

We have just been so busy mainly with the apartment remodel and garden. But by Saturday, Pop’s knees gave out so I’ve tried to make him rest which has been almost a losing battle. He called the VA clinic today and girl he sees is on vacation and he is too stubborn to see anyone else. O well another week of his hobbling and complaining.  So you can say the remodel job is on standby.

We do plan to start painting the old sofa today. We will do the cushions first using the Annie Sloan chalk paint method. Saw it on youtube and ordered 2 quarts of the white paint. It is pretty expensive but you dilute it half with water.

The home place is looking so nice and with the rains we have been getting each week, it is still green around the place.


The garden is coming on nicely as well. The lettuce is over but we have green peas and green beans and new potatoes. There are baby squash and small green tomatoes and peppers. So todays lunch will feature greenbeans and new potatoes.


Since this photo was taken, the tomatoes and peppers and beans have doubled in size in less than a week.

Hope to get on here later this week. In the meantime as always…………



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