Our garden is coming along nicely. Lettuce is gone and asparagus has gone to ferny fronds. The green peas are ready to pick. We did pick a little green beans and had them with new potatoes yesterday for lunch. But the garden has grown so much in a week.


You can see the asparagus fronds to the far upper right. The small bed in front is my herb garden. It has rosemary, oregano, and 2 types of thyme all of which are perennials. Then I hve basil and dill and the few green onions that are left. The row behind the herb bed with the fence posts are green peas. The rest is several types of beans and okra.



This is looking from the bottom of the garden up. We have baby squash on the big plants in front. The next rows after the squash plants are potatoes and then the beans. Green peas and asparagus is at the back in front of the tomato trellis. The herb bet is in far right corner. Fruit trees are to the back of the garden and out of the photo on the left.


I finally got a photo of the footstool I covered with a hooked piece.


I still need to take a photo of the cat rug. Now I’m hooking on the rocking chair cover. Also have started painting the fabric cushions of the sofa. I bought Annie Sloan chalk paint in bright white. I’m thinking of painting or staining the wood portions of the sofa black. I will try to get photos of the progress on the sofa and the apartment.


And as always….



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