Apartment re-do, gardening and other things

Well the apartment re-do has slowed to almost nothing. Hubby is still hobbling around with his bad knees. He couldn’t get into the VA clinic this past week so hopefully this next week he can and get injections that will ease his pain and get him back to his busy self. We still have the cabinet doors under the counter, the bathroom vanity, the corner wall shelf and the murphy bed to get done. In the meantime, I’m still painting on the sofa cushions and have gone through 2 quarts of the Annie Sloan chalk paint…looks like it will take at least one more just for the cushions and then maybe 3-4 more for the sofa arms and back. This shows the 1st coat on one cushion.


You have to dilute it with water to half and half and then the first coat really absorbs it. It is velour so not sure if I will need to put a coat of wax on when painting is done. But the 2nd coat seems to make it whiter so hoping I only have to do one more coat.


I got the back of the rocker attached.


I have almost finished hooking the front of the back and once it is blocked then will tack it on. Using Sonny’s air compressor tacker makes it go much faster and does a better job than using a staple gun or tacking with a hammer.


We did get out and picked over a bushel of peas yesterday and got them shelled. We blanched and froze them today.


Also picked some green beans today. I love our garden goodies.


And as always. …………



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