What a mess!!!

We have just been so busy…picking the garden and fighting the squirrels out of our fruit. We even caught one of the buggers trying to steal a tomato so now the electric fence stays on during the daylight hours. They totally stripped 5 peach trees and all our plums. We have one small peach tree left to pick but they are getting them before they ripen. Another thing is it was a bad late spring with late freezes so we won’t have many blueberries either. Where we used to pick a gallon a bush per day I barely got one gallon from 4 bushes and only having to pick every other day.


Another nightmare we have been enduring is Sonny’s knees gave out and so the work on the apartment-she-shed has stopped. So decided instead of having the old antique sofa reupholstered we would paint it. It was a dark green.


Well I followed directions online on how to paint the upholstery and also got one of my DIL’s opinion. She told me to get only 1 quart of Annie Sloan paint. It is expensive…I ordered 4 altogether at a cost of $162 and the 4 quarts were used only on the 3 seat cushions and didn’t cover it.


This is after using all 4 cans. So we decided to try to use Kiltz covercoat that is used on wall that are stained or hard to cover. We repainted the cushions and used 2 gallons on them and the sofa itself.


This is the sofa after 1 coat of Kiltz. We first painted it on with a brush and then resorted to spraying it on with a hand sprayer. Nothing seemed to want to cover it completely to make it look white.

So after 2 gallons of Kiltz we have now resorted to using a roller and have used almost 2 more gallons of satin wall paint. Here is what it looked like after painting it this morning.

The cushions could probably use some more paint. But at least the sofa is looking better. Sonny can do nothing else in the shop until it is painted and dry as doing wood cutting causes too much dust. Once we get the last coat on and sand it, then we will move it into the apartment-sheshed. I will put down plastic and paint the wood parts black. It is stiff as a board and hoping the sanding will soften it some..so guess you could say this is my  pinterest fail…what a mess!!!!

One good thing is I did finish hooking the rocking chair covers and we got them tacked on.

I used 2 & half queen sized 80-20 quilt batting to pad the front. The back is just stretched over the webbing. I LOVE IT!!! It just turned out so much better than I thought it would. Now I have to hook a top for another foot stool to match it.

Then we did get the front of the apartment (which is really a side room on the big shop) painted and will pick up more paint tomorrow and paint the rest of the sides of the shop.

Before and after and that shiny spot is a glare…now we just need to put facial boards from cedar around the sliding door. I plan to have trellis on either side of the door and above it and hope to get some Confederate Jasmine planted to grow up it. We also plan to pour a little concrete patio area. My SIL is giving me some patio furniture and also show curtain and bath mats to go with my theme.

My colors are blues, whites and yellows..and theme is bees, birds & butterflies. My sister wanted to go to yard sales and find me things but I told her to let me shop first in my own house before buying anything else. I have yellow teapot and little bowl and pitcher set in yellow and some bee hive shaped honey pots and a real bee skep..Also we are going to try to use my old shutters I have left to make the corner shelf from..Got to pick up more paint tomorrow for them.

Anyway……..as always…..



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