busy times

Things have certainly been busy around here. First our garden bounty came in hoards….We put up 84 pints of pinto beans and 83 pints of white beans in the freezer. I froze about 10 quarts of blueberries as they didn’t produce well this year. We put up 24 quarts of pasta sauce and 24 pints of tomatoes. Had trouble with the cold packs sealing so next (if we have more) will be heated through first. Blight has hit our tomato patch.  Also put up 24 pints of peach jam. We had kept the squirrels out of the last peach tree and so when they started in on it this past week, we went ahead and stripped the tree and will let them ripen on the table. I also put up 5 quarts of peaches in the freezer. We have put up 43 pints of black eyed peas and have maybe 27 more to go. We picked the last today.


Sonny got steroid shots in his knees and has really helped. Since the gardening has slowed some, he is back working on the apartment-sheshed. The finished sofa was a little scratchy from all the paint so I covered the cushion part with an old vintage quilt.


I love how it turned out. I also found a painters canvas drop cloth and made 4 curtains from the one cloth. Two are on the sliding glass doors and the other on the closet.

This is the beginnings of the murphy bed. Since I took this picture we have finished it except for the latch to hold it against the wall. More photos coming later.


It has drop down legs on the one side and bracing on the wall side.


The cabinets are finished except for hanging the doors and installing the drawers. Next hubby is making upper cabinets. Also the bath vanity is almost finished.


I’m a little late in posting a photo of our 4th of July scrappy wooden flag. I gathered up old pieces of left over wood and nailed together and painted. Sonny hung it on the porch railing.


All and all it has been busy for us. Now I’m working on a Christmas in July…..apron…


And as always…..




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