New lamp

We had power outage last night from storm that blew through. We got much needed rain…an inch and half in 2 hours….but power didn’t come back on until 2p.m today. Seems lightning struck a substation. Sonny drove to town this morning and passed it and it was still on fire. I’m so thankful we have a generator. It saves our freezer food and keeps the a/c running. We do have to turn off the hot water heater but that is nothing really. I canned up roasted bell peppers yesterday and today I put up tomatoes. I also strung cayenne peppers.



I saw this neat idea on pinterest. It is my favorite spot on the internet. Such creativity in the world. Anyway. the idea was for a lamp. I had some lamp parts from when I had my ceramic shop and it had a long clear bulb that looks like an Edison bulb. I also had a glass dome cover. I showed Sonny the idea and what I had and he engineered the lamp for me.


I had a much bigger dome but wanted a small lamp to fit the shutter shelf in the she-shed/apartment. So here it is on the shelf.


Of course you can’t tell much with it lit…

Sonny also finished the bathroom vanity completely. He coated the top with epoxy.


I’m so thankful for Sonny and our little homestead. God has been so good to us.


And as always……



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