3 times the charm

I’ve tried twice on different days to post photos of the apartment/she-shed redo…For some reason it won’t let me upload photos. So trying for the 3rd time and 3rd day.

We finished most  of the redo. Hubby finished the upper cabinets and I helped him hang them…Phew!!! what a job that was. He had to make a wood jig thing to hold it up while I steadied it and he attached to the wall and ceilling.


I do love the looks…I have an idea for the window.

IMG_20160723_154319870This is the sitting area with the murphy bed folded up to the wall on the right. The quilt is the first one I ever made. It is my English Flower garden quilt. It has an embroidered map of England in the center with roses appliqued in each block. I did the red for the flag of England. The old quilt covering the sofa cushions was a vintage top I bought and had quilted. The antique mirrow is a gift from my DIL…it was her mothers. The shutter shelf behind the sofa has the Edison lamp Sonny made along with some bee themed things. The coffee table is really a small bench. The table-desk by the door is supposed to go with it but I’m using it for a computer table in another area. Sonny just painted the small chest of drawers that will go in the closet and another table which will be an eating area with 2 stools. Sonny tanned the deer hide under the coffee bable.


This is an over all view. Sonny built the tv-video player shelf and my desk table will go under there. The marble shelf was also a gift from the DIL…it will be moved to beside the sofa.



2 thoughts on “3 times the charm

  1. It’s so wonderful! I love both quilts and you have everything you need to live out the summer! My sewing room us so filled with crap yes crap i can’t even move!
    Cooking dinner now.


  2. It’s lovely, I’d spend all my time in there working on projects. Great to have space to be creative. Love your quilts! Hugs Heather


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