Since the apartment/she-shed is basically finished and the gardening and canning is winding down, I’ve been cleaning and organizing my studio room. Found some old photos I had been scanning and putting on my external hard drive. So trying to finish them up. I thought I had finished last Saturday only to find another basketfull. I gave one of the DIL the old photos. I threw out 3 garbage sacks full and have another to get out as well. I moved some of my paper things up to the she-shed closet and will organize it all later.

creativityismessy copy

But it is nice to finally find things.





And yes I’ve been getting distracted. I found some photos I had started scanning to put on my external hard drive and thought I had finished scanning as of Saturday and then this morning found another basket full. I’m giving all the old photos to my kids and grandkids and will keep the harddrive for easier access since I’m putting them in catagories.

I also finished up 2 sets of days of the week flour sack towels. One is embroidered mice and may go into my etsy shop.


The other is a set of bee themed towels. They will go into the she-shed.


I also found a bought towel that I had printed with a vintage teacup design. I finished it as well and will put it iin my she-shed.


The garden is about over. We picked the butterbeans. Only got 12 quarts. We planted them and the red beans too late. We still have to pick and shell the red beans. I have put up all the okra and squash we will use this winter. We picked our last pears green or we wouldn’t have gotten any due to the squirrels.


They have been terrible this year…But as far as fruit goes, we only have the muscadine grapes and the persimmons left. It will be awhile on the persimmons but will have to guard that tree when they begin to ripen. I plan to cook down the pears we got and the persimmons and make into preserves.

Well as always….



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