Sad things and Just things

Well our gardening is winding down. We just have muscadines and figs left. We have to beat the birds to the figs. We did wind up getting enough pears to make 6 pints of preserves. The pesky squirrels got the rest. We plan to put a corn feeder up and hunt the buggers this autumn. Maybe we can reduce the population.


I think this is what they look like since they robbed us of most of our fruit this year.

We have had so much rain lately…seems we get a shower or a downpour every day. So with this much rain and cooler temps, our tomatoes have just quit producing. We haven’t  had the flooding that Louisiana has had but it has been a wet summer.


Last Thursday night our little doggie baby died. We have had her 9 years and she was a rescue dog from a puppy mill. We really miss her but have decided not to get another house dog for a long time. This will be the first time without a house dog since we have been married (37years). So it is going to take some getting used to.


RIP Gracie!!!!


An update on the apartment/she-shed. Hubby finished my chest of drawers and we swapped them out. He is now refinishing the old one in white to go into the apartment. He is also building a small table to match the 2 stools we recovered.


I just love how whimsical they look. The old white table in the photo will go into my yard sale coming up this autumn.


On a crafty note…I have used some iron-on transfers to do some more towels for embroidery. Atwoods had a great sale last week so we went over and I bought more flour sack towels. I got the aprons fused for applique and will be working on all these projects the next few weeks. All will be Christmas gifts. Speaking of transfers…here is a freebie vintage design for  you.


Hope you enjoy this week!!! And as always!!!





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