Over a week and freebie

It has been over a week since I’ve put up anything new here. Been so busy. We had major flooding last weekend with over 7 inches in one day. Our garden is pretty well history.

That makes our total for August over 20 inches. It has sure made the toadstools pop up and the moss is staying green.



We made a trip down to the southeastern part of the state on Monday to visit Sonny’s sister and family. While there we managed to visit our friend who is in chemo therapy right now. The sister and her husband are having health issues as is her daughter.


My sister called last week and is having problems with their son…just not a good situation. I have really been praying a lot for all these families.


After our trip down south, we have been putting the finishing touches on the she-shed/apartment. Sonny got the table built and painted and also the old chest of drawers painted as well. The SIL gave me a new shower curtain and some rugs. Sonny is installing a new plug fixture on the wall where I plan to put my spare computer.

We have begun fixing the patio area by the door of the she-shed. The SIL gave me a great green wicker patio set. So far we have the bones of the trellis and planter boxes fixed and then will pour concrete. The SIL also gave us a fountain. We have to put in new tubing is all.


The only produce we have left are muscadine grapes. I cooked down a big pot yesterday and will strain them and put the juice in the freezer to make jelly later on. In the spare time, I’ve been working on some hand embroidery. Mainly flour sack towels with days of the week designs. They will be Christmas gifts. I also picked up some more fabric and plan to begin one of the grands her quilt for Christmas. Her colors are aqua and silver. It has been hard finding fabric to match. The DIL brought over the blues and I’ve been matching the silvers. She decided on a log cabin pattern.


And now for your freebie.



and as always………….




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