late flood photos and other things…FREEBIE

Well I had not taken time to put my flood pictures up here a week ago so thought I would share now…a little late but ok.


I have alot more but won’t bore you with them all…

This week has been much slower since the gardening is over. So Sonny took time to process some deer meat with pork and beef to make hamburger and sausage. We got 10 tubes of sausage and 15 of burger. It is very very lean and much better for you than most store bought. We do this every year. This was from deer in our freezer from last hunting season. This years hunt is coming up soon.


We have also begun the patio area at the she-shed. So far we have the pad poured in concrete and the upright poles..working on the pergola part today. I also ordered 6 vines. 2 each of carolina jasmine, autumn jasmine and chocolate vine. There will be long planter boxes on either side of the patio area.


And now for your freebies…




And as always….




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