Freebies and a few things

I’ve been extra busy lately. I finished the quilt top for one of the granddaughters for her Christmas this year. I cut up the left over fabric into 2 inch squares and am sewing up 9 patch blocks from it. I should have enough to make another full quilt. I got the quilt top to the local quilt shop to be quilted. I do NOT like to hand quilt and my machine is too hard to roll up the large king/queen size I make so it is without hassle to take to the shop. Photos will come on it when I get it back.

I finally had to call the plant nursery I ordered the vines from that will go in planter boxes by pergola at the she-shed. I should get 4 by the 1st or 2nd week of October and the other 2 by the end of October.

This is what I ordered:

Carolina Jasmine


It will bloom early spring

Chocolate vine:


It should bloom early summer up into summer.

And the autumn jasmine:


The autumn jasmine is on back order.

I can hardly wait to get them planted and hope we have a good bloom next year.

Our neighbor across the road has percheron horses…they aren’t as big as the belgiums or clydedales but still are good size work horses.


He has a herd of them along with a herd of cattle.

Ok now for the freebies…




And as always…



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